Thursday, October 2, 2014

Apps for parents

Life can be hectic as a parent, with a million tasks to juggle,  and a maze of information to navigate.
There are a number of apps out there to assist parents, and the following are two examples.
If you have any suggestions for tried and tested apps that you find helpful to you as a parent, please let m4m know and we can share them with other Moorabool parents.

Immunisation Schedule App

Immunisation protects the community against vaccine-preventable diseases. Each vaccine plays an important role, so timely vaccination is the best way to protect your child. This website offers parents access to comprehensive information on immunisation as well as the following, easy-to-use free tools designed to help you save the date to vaccinate.

The new ASD & Disability app is free and designed to help parents find the services and information they need to best meet the needs of their children. It includes:
  • A service pathfinder to guide parents through the process of connecting with support, including financial assistance, and the services they can access at each stage before and after diagnosis. It also introduces them to key specialists and professionals that they will encounter along the way.
  • A service mapping tool allowing parents to locate services anywhere around Australia via postcode and service type.
  • Videos with parent stories, tips, reassurance and ideas.
  • Links to articles for parents about common disability and ASD topics including diagnosis, early intervention, learning and development, social challenges, communication, thinking and learning strengths, later diagnosis of ASD and choosing interventions.
Download the free Raising Children with ASD and Disability app from iTunes for iOS or Google Play for Android

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