Monday, November 25, 2013

Amusing young ones during the Summer Holidays.
 Holidays are meant to be fun, but sometimes we can run out of steam trying to think of things to keep the kids amused.
We'd love to hear from you all about any cheap or easy activities you do with your kids over summer.
Here is a short list that might get you started.
A small container of coloured water and a cheap house paint brush from the Reject shop will amuse for hours on a hot day. Just add concrete, a fence, a brick wall or their bike to "paint".
Home made playdough. There a lots of recipes you can google, some you need to cook and some you don't. Even gluten free playdough for those with food allergies.  Keeps well in the fridge and can be used with lots of utensils or natural objects.
Big chalk to decorate your path.
Make a "busy box" with interesting lids, boxes and tape.
Go to the Ballan or Bacchus Marsh pools, take a picnic lunch and some friends to share the supervision.
If you have older kids, give them a couple of movie vouchers for xmas, and microwave popcorn.
Do you have a playgroup you would like to add to our website? Check out the playgroup page.

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